Sample Diet Chart – Normal – Female 35, 50 kg, 155cm

Here’s what our diet charts look like. This one is for weight maintenance, for a 35 year old lady who weighs 50 kilos and is 155 cm tall. Her diet type is non-vegetarian and she doesn’t have any medical issues or strong dislikes or allergies towards any foods.

Here’s a breakdown of this chart.

  • Meals: As you can see, she certainly isn’t going to feel hungry and is eating to her heart’s content, and not about to gain a single kilo on this diet.
    • Breakfast: Is hearty with a bowl of oats and milk with some chopped guava inside, accompanied by a boiled egg and a cup of instant, black coffee.
    • Lunch: Has a whole lot going where she’s going to eat a small bowl each of chicken curry and dal, with a salad of raw greens, a glass of buttermilk and one roti, followed by a cup of green tea.
    • Dinner: This meal has a base of millets on the plate, topped with servings of mushrooms, paneer, cauliflower and chickpeas along with two spoons of chicken liver followed by a cup of green tea.
    • Snack: She has sunflower and chia seeds to snack on or to add to her meals, perhaps in salads, two fruits and a beverage.
  • Nutrition: Her diet is supplying every nutrient mentioned on the chart, except Calcium, which we have suggested she consider consuming supplements for. We’ll always let you know where your diet isn’t enough and when you’ll need supplements.
  • Variety: She is free to ask us for substitutions for the week, so she doesn’t have to eat the same thing each day.