Basecamp Weight Loss Package

This is our single plan for everyone! It’s great for testing our plans, seeing if you’re comfortable with our methods and way of working with weight loss and nutrition. The plans you’ll receive are backed by nutritional data from Indian and International government sources and are precisely balanced.

One problem when trying to lose weight with traditional diet plans, is that they essentially deprive your body of essential nutrients. So, while they are low calorie for sure, which is needed to lose weight, they also cause malnourishment and nutrient deficiencies. At the end, you’ll definitely lose weight, plus gain numerous medical issues arising out of unhealthy weight loss.

Our plans are varied, have plenty of food for you to eat throughout the day whenever you wish and at the same time, induce a caloric deficit in your body. This means that the food we suggest you eat has less calories than your body consumes, causing weight loss. Additionally, we pack our plans with as many as possible of the Recommended Daily Amounts (or Adequate Consumption) of micro-nutrients, so your body is well nourished. If we cannot include all the nutrients in your diet plan, we’ll let you know of which supplements to consume. 
Did you know that most meal plans suggested for weight loss also cause you to lose vital nutrients and essentially create nutritional deficiencies in your body? 

A Life Changing Decision
It’s your body at the end of the day and it’s your call how you’d like to maintain it. Reaching our optimal weights is not only a great feeling, it’s also a great enabler. You’ll find yourself experimenting with new experiences, having more confidence, becoming more outgoing – it’s  a life transforming change!

Look Great, Feel Better
Let’s face it. Losing weight definitely makes us look and feel better. While this doesn’t change who we are, it changes the way we interact with the world and the way the world interacts with us.

Ultimately, when you sign on with us, the least we can do is be responsible for delivering accurate and useful information to you, giving you the opportunity to act.

This package includes one meal plan every week, which will be delivered to your email inbox. You can request up to four changes per month to your diet plans, to replace foods and ingredients with others that you prefer. Additionally, you can also avail of 6 consultation sessions per month by email. These sessions could include questions about your diet, lifestyle etc. Ready to start losing weight? Click here to purchase this plan @ INR 1250.

The Extra Mile
There’s losing weight, and then there’s truly all-around change. If our minds are made up, most of us can lose weight by eating right. True all-around change however only happens to a few select people who are truly determined to turn themselves around in every sense of the phrase.
Basic Nutrition / Meal Plan Package

The regular price for these services is usually around INR 2,500 per month. That’s a straight 50% off!

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