Turnips, Raisins, Seeds

Raw turnips have a great flavour that’s quite close to that of raw radish. When they’re cooked everything changes, but for this dish, we only need to be alright with raw turnips.


This recipe was created for The Right Side of Life, a Safal community on Facebook. If you’re interested in eating healthier and involving food in different aspects of wellness, this is a group for you. We’re planning lots of activities and content for this group that I’m sure you’ll love!

Salads can serve different purposes, to my mind.

  • Entire meals, such as those that are large in quantity and contain a variety of flavours, textures and ingredients, in addition to different formats of ingredients – shreds, leaves, chunks, bits, seeds etc.
  • Accompaniments, such as a coleslaw, which is fairly uniform across recipes, and is great for accompanying fried and grilled foods, especially meats. Similarly, other salads or their dressings work with different types of main courses.
  • Nutrition Round offs, which help if we usually eat the same sort of foods all the time, and salads help in rounding off the nutritional properties of such meals.
  • Snack Replacements, to replace traditional carbohydrate/fat heavy snacks. These fulfil our need for chewing as well as supplement nutrition in a low calorie, nutrient dense package.
  • Meal Engagement, to add more interaction on a platter from the point of view of quantity (an additional item), looks (colours), additional chewing (for increased satisfaction) and eating method (fork, spoon).

This salad works with all of the above.

  • Can be an entire meal due to the diverse ingredients and nutrients within.
  • Can be a good accompaniment to perhaps a mushy food like a khichdi, for texture relief.
  • Can easily round off nutrition due to the nature of the ingredients
  • Can replace a snack due to its nutrient dense nature and engaging flavours and textures.
  • Good for adding to any platter as a filler and to increase overall interaction with the food.


  • Turnips, 5 small, small dices
  • Dried figs, 4 pieces, tiny dices
  • Pomegranate seeds from 1 pomegranate
  • Pumpkin seeds, 1 tbsp
  • Watermelon seeds, 1 tbsp
  • Black raisins, 1 tbsp
  • Citrus fruit, any, a few chunks


  1. Mix it all.
  2. Serve.


  • This salad doesn’t really need a dressing.
  • If you do want one, I suggest an orange vinaigrette.
  • It can be pre-dressed as there are no leafy ingredients that’ll wilt.

For some reason, this salad also seemed somewhat christmassy to me.