3 Minute Hunger Reducing Soup

This is a quick way to make a soup that’s healthier than the usual, and keeps away hunger plus is versatile enough to go with almost any vegetables available in the home . This is great for use when breaking an intermittent fast as well as a good snack idea when fasting.

While it literally takes 3 minutes to prepare, the time does depend on two ingredients that I try and keep in my fridge all the time – the chutney mentioned below and any kind of boiled lentils or legumes.

This soup is quickly made and the spice brings satisfaction as well as keeps off hunger.


  • Chilli Garlic Chutney (Click for recipe)
  • Butter / Olive Oil / other fat
  • Tulsi (Holy Basil), Basil leaves, chopped
  • Salt to taste
  • Chickpeas / safed chana, boiled with a little salt


  1. Heat a little fat in pan
  2. Add chutney as per taste
  3. Add a mug of water
  4. Add a mug of chickpeas
  5. Bring to boil
  6. Season
  7. Serve


  • Add fat, butter or olive oil as per your taste. If you choose to add none, start with water in a pan and then continue to step 2, omitting step 3.
  • Add basil and/or tulsi leaves as per your taste or availability. You can also try hara dhania / coriander leaves if both aren’t available. The leaves need to have some flavour though in my opinion, so spinach, for example, may not work well on its own.
  • Add chilli chutney per your tolerance / taste. This chutney can get pretty hot. To keep away hunger, ensure you add a little more chilli heat than you’re comfortable with.
  • You can add any other vegetables you want, such as carrots or peas among others.
  • Add a boiled egg or a omelette to it for extra nutrients and protein.
  • You can also have it as a soup without adding any chickpeas or other ingredients.