Renu Kochhar Nagrath

NameRenu Kochhar Nagrath
City Chennai, India
SpecialityRenu dabbles in a bit of everything and tries to increase her depth of knowledge in addition to the width of her repertoire.
Recipe 1Pull-apart Thecha Bread
Recipe 2Palak Paneer
Recipe 3Eggless Orange Cake with Orange Glaze
Recipe 4Mirchi ka Achaar
Recipe 5Mutton Curry
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What people thinkA wonderful singer and a marvellous cook, Renu is a down to earth and loving human being. She is sadee kuree from Chandigarh, now in Chennai- Vinod Bhardwaj
Renu is a friendly person who is keen to create and sustain relationships as much as she is enthusiastic about learning new dishes and techniques.- Sid Khullar
You present everything in such a nice way! Everything is natural -
no made up photography
- Preeti Bindra
Presentation skills are top notch!- Deepa Anand Balasubramaniam
Nowadays whenever I’m stressed with too much workload, all I do is go to CaL and see your awesome posts!- Madhuri Sadhwani
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