Suzette Creperie & Cafe, Nariman Point, Mumbai: Sweet & Sexy

While reading this review you might ponder, how much chocolate can this woman have? But let me confess – it ain’t my fault. Suzette did this to me… and chances are, you too won’t pass by unaffected.

For those not in the know, Suzette is this chic-ally done-up coffee corner in Nariman Point. A little more than a hole in the wall, Suzette is easy to miss on a rainy evening. Thanks to fellow foodie Richa Thakur, I walked straight into what is now my sweet Sunday refuge.

It has this charming English feel with the generous use of wooden furnishing and pastel colours on the wall. The tone of the lighting allows one to sit back and relax. The real difference however, is the sense of calm Suzette impresses upon you. Unlike other loud, verbose coffee places, Suzette is often occupied by people who prefer a quiet evening with private conversation. The music is soft and non-intrusive. The service is prompt and the menu, a lesson in how to present the same coffee, tea, smoothie rigmarole in an interesting manner.

While the choices are the usual salads, smoothies, crepes, coffee, teas and hot chocolate, the manner in which they have been presented gives an illusion of plenty. Apart from the section on Home-made Hot Chocolate, if you live vegan, Suzette offers the option of making your coffee with soya milk shake and each of the salads – served in small and large portion – can be custom-made to your liking – for a little extra charge of course.

The order was the usual – a steaming cup of Nutel’ Latter (120) coffee and Dark Hot Chocolate (120). It was as if the staff had pre-empted our order because the two delightful cups landed on our tables in less than 15 minutes flat. Café Coffee Day, please take note.

Ed: Fifteen minutes for two cups of coffee?? And that’s good? CCD is much faster.

The Dark Hot Chocolate had that gooey, soft, trickle down consistency that I absolutely crave with no milky aftertaste. The Nutella spiced Latte was not what we imagined, but compared to the usual milky latte, this did score by delivering a hearty kick of Nutella goodness at the end of every sip. Our next order, a happy size of Mediterranee (280) and Basilic (250). The Basilic won us due to its very fresh nature – crunchy lettuce, juicy French beans, tangy sundried tomatoes and feta; in one word, refreshing. Post the salad, the Mediterranee crepe with its grilled chicken tapenade with olive spread, fresh tomatoes and mozzarella filling did look like the Dark Knight on plate. Don’t judge it by its texture though; it did taste good, albeit a little salty. Our suggestion: rework the quantities and it would make one hell of a dish.

Our surprise were of course the desserts – the Chocolate Mousse (100) and the Nutella Crepe (200).  Suffice to say, it was memorable, silky and, as it should be, sinful.

Heading to Suzette? I agree.

Madhulika Dash

Madhulika is deeply interested in eating, sniffing, looking at and writing about food among other possible activities. Madhulika enjoys trying different types of food and travelling to distant locations, with the North Pole and Timbuktu prominent in her wish list. Madhulika covers Mumbai for Chef at Large and can be reached at