Stuffed Potato Rings

Ok, so I love potatoes. Who doesn’t? You can stuff pies, bread, paranthas [a kind of indian roti bread], mash it, fry, boil it, steam it and oh, you can even eat it.

This one builds on a previously published recipe – Stuffed Potatoes. If you haven’t seen it, do take a quick look first.

Stuffed Potato Rings I used two stuffings today, solely for the difference in color. Both were based on simple mashed potatoes with cheese and whipping cream. One part was gently sauteed with blanched, finely chopped spinach. The other part was mixed with paprika and crumbled ricotta cheese. The filling needs to be very stiff.
After stuffing the potatoes tightly [careful or the shell will crack, rendering it useless for this recipe], cut them into slices. Not too thin, or the stuffing will tumble out. About 1 cm should do fine I think. Melt some butter in a pan, lightly saute on one side and brush the other with melted butter.Serve two to a plate [one spinach and one cottage cheese]. The salad in the picture is a chiffonade of cabbage mixed with mayonnaise and lemon. It is topped with what I call ‘Harissa Twist’ – pure dynamite – blows your socks off.That recipe will follow shortly.

Sid Khullar

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