Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb

A dismal Saturday morning in Buckinghamshire – drizzle, spray from passing cars and a keen breeze making me desire a hearty dinner.

A glance into the butcher’s window had me (mentally) dancing for joy as there was a perfect leg of lamb hanging from the rail. It weighed 1.60kgs and was too long to sit properly in my largest cooking pot so the friendly butcher chopped the bone a tad from the knuckle and it fitted perfectly.

What you need:

  • A leg of lamb
  • 2 onions cut into 4 pieces each
  • 6 cloves of garlic, squashed
  • 2 carrots cut horizontally into three pieces
  • A branch of Rosemary, mine from the garden, complete with beautiful lilac flowers which, by the way, are edible.

What you do:

Put the onions, garlic and carrots in the bottom of your pan, add half a litre of hot water then place the lamb on top and tuck the Rosemary around the lamb. Bring to a simmer on the stove top then place the pan in the oven at 140 degrees Farenheit. I did mine at 130 since the oven has a fan. Leave it to slowly turn unctuous for at least an hour, at which time you check to see if more liquid is required, topping up as necessary. You don’t want too much though, the lamb produces it’s own liquid. Continue to cook for at least 3 hours or more if you have other things to do. When it literally falls off the bone, put the meat on a warm dish to rest whilst you strain the liquid through muslin (or a paper towel) into, your sieve and let it cool, at which time you can remove the fat. Cream the garlic into the stock which might need salt, though mine didn’t. Shred the lamb, serve with whatever vegetables you have (I think this dish needs potatoes as well) then pour the garlicky juices over.

A perfect end to a dismal day.


– Toni

By Toni Anne

a small Welsh woman who left Wales at the age of 18 and has rarely been back since. She has a daughter whom she adores and a partner who lives down the road. Toni studied fine art and, if she didn't have to work to pay the mortgage, would like to paint daily.

She enjoys good food and wine but doesn't get the chance to cook very often since her man does most of it. Toni reads a lot, mostly travel and food writing but also enjoys Terry Pratchett's DiscWorld novels. She doesn't watch TV very much but usually has the radio playing, mostly Radio 3 or 4.