Single Clove Garlic / Solo Garlic

Single clove garlic is a variety of garlic that has a single, large clove. Contrary to what it looks like, single clove garlic has a very smooth and subtle flavor and can be used both for effect and flavor.

We don’t get single clove garlic around here much, as the multi clove variety is more popular due to its stronger flavor and relatively lower price. Naheed found some quite by accident and shared a few with me.

[singlepic id=513 w=320 h=240 float=left]I’m not sure where else they’re grown, but I am sure about one place of origin being the Yunnan province in China. Typically around 3 centimetres onwards in diameter, single clove garlic or solo garlic are whit or purple in color, though the ones I have are a light, creamy yellow. While it seems as if the flavor is stronger than normal garlic, it is actually quite mild and perhaps even slightly nutty. Some say it can also be used as a prophylactic for bird flu!

Where would you use it? I suggest Paper thin slices for topping baked dishes,Paper thin slices for salads, sliced in half makes it easier to rub into bowls for salads, thin slices will make pockets in stuffed chicken breasts stretch longer evenly distribute the flavor… wherever. :)

Have you used this before? What would you do with it?

– Sid