Semolina Halwa

We were at Swagatas house recently and found her making this for her daughter, niece and nephew.Swagata is a Bharatanatayam dancer, choreographer, writer and more (see some photos here) a good friend who is also instructing my daughter in the art.

Semolina or suji halwa is quite easy to make and tastes delicious when hot. First we dry roast some semolina and set aside. In a little ghee, lightly fry some crushed cashewnuts and a little green cardamom. Add the semolina and stir. Add some sugar (about 2/3 the amount of semolina), mix and then add water (equal to the amount of semolina). On medium heat, keep stirring till the water has evaporated. You could add a little saffron for color and flavor if you wish. Remember to crush the saffron in a little warm milk if you decide to use it. A few raisins taste good too.

Garnish with some whole cashew nuts and serve hot. You could also serve puris with this.

– Sid