Roasted Pepper Soup

My soups have never been great – just ‘alright’ most of the time. I’ve been doing some reading and ‘book learning’ to overcome this. We had some guests over this Monday and I thought of going a little outside my comfort zone and trying a soup for once.

I’m glad I did, as it turned out well and was ridiculously simple to make.

Pop some nice, firm, red bell peppers into your oven and let them roast on a reasonably high heat, turning over once, till the skin is splotched black all over. Meanwhile, put a pot of stock on the fire and toss in some bay leaves, garlic, diced potatoes, onions and some ground white pepper. Bring to boil and then simmer.

Since I’ve never done it before, I didn’t know how much difference roasting peppers make, nor the aroma that fills the kitchen when peppers are merrily cooking away in the oven – heavenly. When your peppers are done, take them out and peel them. Discard the skin, stalk and seeds. Keep the soft and tender flesh and any juices that have spilled out. Pop the whole lot into your pot and bring to the boil once again.

Take the pot off the heat, remove the bay leaves and put the whole lot into a blender and give it a few whizzes. Put back into a pot, bring to the boil. The soup is now done. Check for seasoning, thicken a little if you like, garnish with a spoon of finely chopped, deseeded, red chilli peppers and a little cream.

My guests loved it and so did I. I hope it turns out well for you too.

– Sid