Roast Pork with Green Beans

This roast pork is full of flavour and crunch. It can be served hot as a main or cold as a salad.

This was a midnight snack and turned out much better than I expected. The sour mango went beautifully with the savoury pork and the crunch of the beans elevated the otherwise dull texture of the pork.

I plated the two components separately, though the two should be mixed together while eating – more fun that way.

Set 1: Ingredients for Vegetables:

  • Green beans, chopped
  • Onions, chopped
  • Raw mango, grated
  • Garlic, chopped

Set 2: Ingredients for Pork:

  • Roast pork, large dices
  • Chinese cooking wine
  • Ghanaian Bitters
  • Soya sauce (light)
  • Thai fish sauce
  • Ginger powder

Set 3:

  • Mint leaves


  1. In a little oil, toss all the ingredients in set 1. Remember to keep the onions somewhat crisp and the beans definitely crunchy. Season as desired.
  2. In a little oil, toss all the ingredients in set 2. Remember, there’s lots of salt-bearing components in there, so be careful when seasoning.
  3. Plate as desired. Sprinkle mint leaves over the lot.
  4. Serve hot as a main course or cold as a salad. Work well both ways.