Pea Rice

Pea Rice There’s this practice in India that can be a bit funny at times. We have very elaborate dishes and then we have normal dishes, as with most cultures. When people don’t want to go through the trouble of making the elaborate dishes, they’ll make an everyday staple… and add nuts, or raisins or other dried fruits – which automatically converts it in our perception from an ordinary everyday meal, into one fit for the maharajas.So, the next time you have people coming over and you want to show off, but don’t have time – make dal and add nuts, make aloo gobhi and add raisins – you get the idea.

In much the same way, this is a pretty ordinary jeera (cumin) rice (fry bay leaves and cumin seeds in clarified butter or ghee, add washed-soaked-drained rice to it, saute for a couple of minutes, add water, cook) topped with blanched peas, nuts and raisins. Finally sprinkle some chopped coriander leaves – a meal now fit for the gods.

– Sid