More store cupboard cooking

D is away officiating in the Tour of Britain, Britain’s premier professional cycling race, he left on Saturday and will be back in 9 days. In the interests of economy, I decided that I would buy a free range, local chicken to eat for the week- lunch and dinner. On Sunday the chicken, lemon zest and tarragon under the breast skin, lemon juice squeezed on top and salted with Fleur de Sel, was roasted on a bed of sliced onions scattered with thyme leaves and canola oil. I also roasted potatoes from my daughter’s garden with sweet potatoes. I simmered some cauliflower and runner beans (again from Jay’s garden) in lightly salted water and made a delicious gravy from the juice of the chicken.

On Monday, I simply re-heated some of the chicken and the remains of the vegetables. Not quite as tasty as it was on Sunday but I wasn’t hungry afterwards.

Tonight, I chopped some of the leg meat and fried it with a (bottled) roasted red pepper, some of the remaining onions and gravy and combined it with cous-cous which I made with a spoonful of Marigold stock granules, some thyme leaves, a sprinkling of garlic granules, a squeeze of lemon and a knob of butter. It was quite delicious. I wonder what tomorrow will bring – oh yes, more chicken!


Toni Anne

a small Welsh woman who left Wales at the age of 18 and has rarely been back since. She has a daughter whom she adores and a partner who lives down the road. Toni studied fine art and, if she didn't have to work to pay the mortgage, would like to paint daily. She enjoys good food and wine but doesn't get the chance to cook very often since her man does most of it. Toni reads a lot, mostly travel and food writing but also enjoys Terry Pratchett's DiscWorld novels. She doesn't watch TV very much but usually has the radio playing, mostly Radio 3 or 4.