Meat and Oatmeal Stew

Meat and Oatmeal Stew This is a deliciously different stew, that can be made with any kind of meat you like, in any form. I’m not sure which cuisine to categorise this under, since as it is a little American and a bit Asian. It does have a very interesting flavor nonetheless and goes very well with a hunk of bread on one side and a bowl of hot, steaming stew on the other. Remember to adjust cooking time as per the type meat you’re using.

Cut your meat in strips, dice the potatoes, slice some onions, smash a few cloves of garlic, and keep some tabasco, salt, chilli powder, stock, soy sauce and oatmeal ready. BTW Add as much garlic as you like – I love garlic and probably went overboard with it. :D

Heat some oil and toss in the meat, fry on high heat till there’s no red visible, add the garlic and fry some more till the garlic is brown on at least one side, throw in the onions, stir and then add some stock [beef, chicken or vegetable – whichever you prefer]. Bring to a boil, add a pinch of chilli powder, a dash of tabasco and a small splash of soy sauce. Add the diced potatoes and oatmeal, cover and simmer till the meat [whatever you’ve used – beef, mutton, lamb, chicken…] is tender. If its chicken, it will already be done. Add any other vegetables if you like, diced along with the potatoes. Keep an eye on the consistency as the oatmeal can get surprisingly thirsty. Before taking off the heat, remember to adjust the salt.

The oatmeal lends a wonderfully soft and creamy texture to the stew, the mutton brings the characteristic flavor and the vegetables make it a whole meal. Try it and do let me know how it turns out.