Mango Butter

Make a batch of Mango Butter based on Hina Gujral’s recipe this summer and refrigerate it. You can use it as a filling for muffins or cakes or simply spread it over a bread slice.

Yield: 500g


  • 900g mango pulp
  • 80g caster sugar
  • 115ml lemon juice
  • 115ml orange juice


  1. Preheat the oven to 100°C.
  2. Place mango pulp, lemon and orange juice in a large pan over low heat and simmer for 10-15 minutes until most of the liquid has evaporated.
  3. Spread the sugar on a large baking tray, place in the oven and warm for five minutes.
  4. Blend or sieve the mango mixture, then return to the pan.
  5. Stir in the warmed sugar and cook gently over low heat until the sugar has dissolved.
  6. Increase the heat to medium and cook, stirring occasionally to prevent burning, for up to 30 minutes or until mixture is thick.
  7. Spoon the butter into clean and dry jars and seal it well. Use the jam within three weeks of making it.

Recipes and image courtesy: Bangalore-based Hina Gujral, who is a financial analyst-cum- food blogger. She runs a food blog – and aspires to become a professional chef and run her own bistro by the hillside someday.