Loaded Mushrooms

Loaded Mushrooms These are fresh button buttons, de-stalked and lightly sauteed in sesame oil – then stuffed with a spicy mixture of mushrooms, chicken and peanuts.First de-stalk the mushrooms and then quickly stir fry them in some hot sesame oil – remember to use very little oil. Set aside.

Now for the filling. Finely puree some wood ear mushrooms, button mushroom stalks, shiitake mushrooms, ginger, garlic, powdered cayenne pepper, sesame oil, sesame seeds, fish sauce [optional] and a little salt. Add some water if necessary. Put this mixture in a pan and cook gently, stirring constantly. The objective is to first cook it and then thicken it. If needed, add a little cornflour in cold water. when done, roughly grind some roasted peanuts and finely chop some boiled chicken. Add to the mixture, stir well and take off the heat.

Fill each mushroom with the mixture. I also added some corn syrup to bring out the flavor of the chillies. Tastes good and disappears in a thrice! If you’re vegetarian, omit the fish sauce and the chicken.