Kebab Curry Noodles

I found these freshly made noodles in the market yesterday. All you need to cook them is a couple of minutes in salted, boiling water. So, I tried this recipe out, which resulted in a spicy combination of curry, noodles, kebabs and coconut.First, boil your noodles, chop the kebabs and onions and squeeze out the coconut milk from freshly grated coconut. You won’t need much coconut milk. While the noodles are draining, heat some oil, add the onions. When the onions are just turning pink, add the kebabs and lightly fry. Add some ginger garlic paste, and some curry powder. Mix the whole thing with a dash of fish sauce and fry for half a minute. Add a splash of coconut milk and stir. You could add a little salt and chilli powder if you wish.

Remember, the curry might taste fine now, but its going to be mixed among the entire lot of noodles. So, if it tastes a little stronger than normal, thats fine. Also, we don’t want to drown the noodles in curry, just lightly coat it, so don’t go overboard on the quantity of curry.

When the curry is done, throw in the noodles and toss really well. Serve as is, without any accompaniments. You could try whipped/Greek yoghurt, which I think should go rather well.

– Sid