How to make butter at home

Making butter at home is really quite simple and it tastes absolutely delicious on hot toast or in just about anything you choose to do with it – fresh is fresh! The other nice part is that since you’re in control of the entire process, there’s no end to the flavors you can create – think parsley, pepper, jalapeno, coriander… anything at all!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Collect some cream: We generally boil full cream milk, let it cool and skim off the thick layer of cream the next morning. This is then collected and you soon have a bowl of lovely cream to work with in a week or so, depending on the amount of milk you consume at home.
  2. Start whipping: Using a whisk, start beating away. Preferably, switch on your TV and keep that wrist moving. It’s alright to take brief breaks in between.
  3. Change of  Instruments: Soon your cream will become really thick. It isn’t butter yet, but it’ll be quite thick. Thick enough to clog your whisk. Use a wooden spoon or something else you’re comfortable with at this point and keep going.
  4. Cool it down: It’s hot here in India, so my butter begins melting quite soon. When you notice the mixture becoming granular and some water separating from the mixture, add a couple of ice cubes. This will keep the butter cold and encourage it to form a large glob. At this time you can also think of adding any flavoring or seasoning if you wish.
  5. Eat it!: You should now have a dollop of luscious white butter. Go. Eat.

– Sid

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Sid Khullar

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