Hollingwood Potatoes

cumin seed potatoes with honey garlic sauce
cumin seed potatoes with honey garlic sauce
During my stay at Hollingwood Hall, I had a few opportunities to cook for my housemates. The first of these meals comprised of an elaborate pork dish that was stewed in coconut milk and a bunch of spices, simple potatoes flavored with cumin seed, a salad, rice and some wine. I’m quite used to people loving the stew and it is usually the first thing to disappear. Not so here – the potatoes were demolished first and there was bit of stew left! Apparently, the English like their potatoes done simply.Coming home from a very stimulating and exciting meeting yesterday, I was wondering what to cook for dinner and this idea came up of trying to add a little twist to what is a very common dish here – jeera aloo (potatoes flavored with cuminseed). Finally came up with a honey garlic sauce that went quite well with the potatoes – considering my last experience with the dish – it’s named after Hollingwood Hall.

First make simple Jeera Aloo – peel and dice your potatoes, boil in lightly salted water. When done, place in a colander and let lie. Heat a little oil, add some cuminseed (jeera) then add some finely chopped onions. As the onions begin to turn pink, add some chilli powder, salt, turmeric powder, dried mango powder (aamchur) and dried coriander powder (dhania). Stir for a bit, then toss in your potatoes. They should be a little firmer now that they’re a bit cooler.

Toss well. You know they’re done when the potato sheds a little of itself and this mixes with the onion and spices to become a thick-ish, pasty-ish substance that’s between all the pieces of potato. The potatoes are now done. These can be eaten as is, or filled in a sandwich for toasting, or the traditional way – with rotis.

Now for the sauce – finely chop some garlic and saute in a little oil, add a little stock, then some honey and finally a dash of light soya sauce. Bring to the boil then stir in a little cornflour solution just to give it a little extra thickness (I didn’t do this for mine though – wanted to see how it turns out). You need it to be a little thick, so it coats the potatoes.

Serve potatoes on the sauce.

Sid Khullar

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