Golden Chicken Curry

Golden Chicken Curry
Golden Chicken Curry
We felt like a slightly ‘heavy’ meal yesterday and this chicken curry fit the bill perfectly. You’ll need minced chicken, potatoes, onions and garlic to begin with along with some stock, powdered aniseed, curry powder, cream, hung curds, sugar and seasoning.Oh, and about the name – I simply couldn’t come up with a suitable name for this one. So for want of anything better, I just called it ‘Golden Chicken Curry’. I do think it’s a bit corny, so if you have a suggestion, I’d be happy to hear it.

We first fry the onions and garlic till the onions are just beginning to brown. Meanwhile, make a paste with the cream, hung curd, a little stock, powdered aniseed, curry powder and seasoning (salt and chilli powder). When the onions are done, add the minced chicken and fry till the chicken is all white, then add the potatoes and fry a bit more. Add the paste to the pan and mix so everything is coated well. Add some stock to the pan and simmer till the potatoes are done and the mixture is a thick-ish consistency – enough to coat the back of a spoon.

Add sugar to sweeten the stuff a little (or not). Serve with rice or lachha parantha. We had both.

– Sid

By Sid Khullar

Sid Khullar is a wellness coach who works with different aspects of lifestyle change towards the accomplishment of goals such as weight loss and blood sugar management among other health situations that require the presence of specialised, precise diets and lifestyle change. His methods address aspects of food, nutrition and the mind.