Gelato or Gelati?

Mango Gelato
Mango Gelato
I wish I had a gelato machine at home. Really feel like having one but not with artificial essence or a chalky texture – something smooth that just melts in the mouth! Here’s the challenge – I don’t have eggs at home nor can I get that expensive gelato machine, so what am I to do??I put some double cream (Amul cream for example) (roughly 300 gms) in a bowl, added 30 gms of sugar and whipped it till it was light and frothy. I have some mangoes at home called ‘Banarasi-Langda’. I peel two of them one – I puree and the other I cut into big chunks. I add both pulp and chunks to the cream and mix with a spatula. The mangoes are first-class, have quite a distinct taste and are actually sweet so that helps as I can add less sugar (usually I would use around 100 gms).

I use a stainless-steel container and put the concoction into the freezer. In about two hours it’s set. I scoop it into a bowl, garnish with some pomegranate and mango cubes. Both combined give it a tart and sweet tang! My home made dessert is now ready. The fat in the cream and the whipping with sugar really helps get the texture I was looking for – dense yet light, smooth and velvety… ummm yummy! The more you whip the cream the less gritty it will be.

So enjoy the easiest way to make home made gelato. It’s no rocket science!

– Kishi