Curried Sausage with Vegetables

I cooked this for dinner yesterday. It’s interesting what innovative dishes you come up with, when you don’t really have a choice of cooking implements or ingredients.

Looking up my inventory, I chopped up some courgettes, spring onions, potatoes, smoked sausage, mushrooms and french beans. Heated some oil, fried a little cumin seed, added some finely sliced garlic and a moment later, the french beans. Tossed in some red chilli powder, garlic in white wine vinegar, salt, turmeric and curry powder. Mixed the stuff and then added the rest of the stuff on the board.

After adding some water and adjusting the seasoning, it was ready to eat. The gravy/sauce was quite, quite nice, since it had all the flavors of the sausage, cumin seed, curry, garlic and mushrooms mixed in it.

Ate it from a bowl with pieces of toast. Sorry, no photos till I’m back home.

– Sid