Aubergine with Garlic and Mushrooms

Aubergine with garlic and creamy mushrooms
Breakfast this morning was an uninspired platter of buttered (low fat) toast with fried eggs, sunny side up. For some reason, Cherie has started disliking fried eggs which used to be her favorite. Interestingly, she couldn’t get enough of mushrooms in the past and now she can’t run far enough from them.I completely forgot to cook lunch for Indu until she reminded me about it. Looking in the fridge I found some aubergine – the long, slim kind and a packet of large button mushrooms. Both were sliced along with some finely chopped shallots. The shallots were fried in a pan with some finely sliced garlic and the aubergine added soon after. A sprinkle of sea salt and oregano and they were removed from the pan and placed in the middle of a flat glass dish. Now for the mushrooms – they were sauteed in a little butter and then flavored with some good, strong English mustard, the teeniest bit of garlic, a splash of cream and some finely chopped chives. These were removed from the pan and went into the same glass dish, around the aubergine. A healthy grate of some mature cheddar and Indu’s lunch was done.

I haven’t tasted it yet (all that cream and butter!), but Indu assures me it tastes fine and she’s looking forward to having it for lunch.

– Sid

PS: I forgot to mention the capers that were added to the aubergine.

Sid Khullar

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