Zazen, Sector 18, NOIDA

[singlepic id=1725 w=80 h=92 float=left]… and NOIDA has it’s hopes dashed, yet again. Perhaps it’s in the city’s fate not to experience the euphoria that accompanies the opening of a great place to eat out. Sheetal and I visited Zazen and as with countless other places found appealing decor, warm service… and food that could be an afterthought.

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A 70 cover restaurant, Zazen is conveniently located at the edge of sector 18, NOIDA making it barely 5 minutes away from the DND flyway. Among other dreary details I must write about to slightly prolong this article, the walls are a bright shade of beige and the staff are attired in a lovely shade of deep black. The music is an esoteric variant of electronic and ear buds would be a recommended accessory when visiting Zazen as they don’t seem to be able to turn it down. Not that it’s loud; just irritating.

I loved the Zazen rendition of ‘cooking at your table’, which Sheetal insisted on trying out. He ordered cabbage-something rolls (295), which came nearly fully done, perched atop a steep steel structure, upon which a rookie cook brushed butter and after much smoke and fumbling announced ready to eat. I do wish my stir fried black bean pork (365) could be so easily dismissed. Alas, 95% fat doesn’t make for a very happy diner. My chicken dimsum were barely seasoned but tasted quite alright with the sauces they were accompanied by. Sheetal’s other choice, steamed vegetable Popiah (195) needed better rolling, neater stuffing and many more stuffings than those present in the roll.


Great interiors and service is good, but we do  go to restaurants to eat. You would be well advised to supress the urge to visit Zazen and opt for McDonalds instead followed by dessert at Nirulas 18.

Sid Khullar

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