When Smokey Sings!

Smokeys is set to be Delhi’s finest Bar & Grill with a meat laden menu, great bar and the ambiance of a hunter’s den, making it the perfect urban hangout spot!

When I read the Smokey’s menu in my head, it was like music. Grunge, rock, get down and dirty music, a cross between Motley Crue and anyone else who abused JD (Jack Daniels). Smokeys is the new Bar and Grill in town and I thank the Gods of meat for planting it in South Delhi, the farthest I will go in that direction! It’s pat where Smoke House Grill used to be so it’s not hard to find at all and once you find it, you’ll know you’re in grill heaven. The interiors are good ol’ brick and mortar with the bar as the piece de resistance. Incidentally, they have another one on the first floor so you don’t have to wait for your drinks or if you’re planning a private soiree. Cleavers and machetes line one of the walls, leading to an array of coloured water filled Absolut bottles – the kind of stuff I like to collect, guess it’s a ‘hunter’ thing! Smokeys is cool, cozy and perfect for a long evening of drinks and grills. What I loved almost immediately was the balanced emphasis on both food and beverage; there is plenty to eat and plenty to wash it down with. Our server for the afternoon was cheery and well informed and I was thrilled to note elements of fine dining: silverware, change of plates and cloth napkins.

Expansive Interior to match the expansive menu
Expansive Interior to match the expansive menu

The Bar menu at Smokeys rocks! I’m a big one for cocktails, so I could probably spend a year’s worth of weekends here just exploring that. I had a Lock, Stock & A Smokin’ Barrel (525), smoked pineapple, cardamom, vanilla and a good load of Absolut! The cocktail was served in a mason jar, opened, only to release the most fantastic woody smoke and the drink tasted like Goa in the mountains! If you like shooters, they serve a Jell-o platter; for Sangria lovers there’s a Lychee one that’s recommended and for aficionados of Molecular gastronomy, try the Royale (525), crème de cassis ravioli with Prosecco, dear Lord! They have over a dozen Single Malts and Blended Scotch and a pretty impressive array of Tequilas. But this kind of drinking needs grub, real good grub! Smokeys has an excellent selection of burgers and it’s hard to choose, make it easier and try the Sliders (800), an assortment of pulled tenderloin burger, six chillies chicken burger, lamb burger with buttered onion and bacon ‘n’ lamb burger – it’s much like a tasting menu of burgers. Each one was unique, with a beautiful balance of flavours and I’m going back for the bigger version of the pulled tenderloin. Smokeys make their own bread, have blended in a variety of chillies from India and abroad into their menu and offer an array of house made sauces too. They have one called Atomic; try at your own risk, risk of total addiction that is! This is the kind of chilli sauce your mind says no to which makes your heart crave it even more. Also try the Hot Dog Sliders (800); super idea, super food and super price! I’m a big fan of hot dogs and the love affair started with the erstwhile Nirula’s All American Hot Dog (or does it still exist?!). The Hot Dogs at Smokeys are delightful, a set of four: bacon wrapped pork sausage hotdog, grilled chilli dog melt, Andhra chilli dog and spicy chicken hot dog – all golden words! If you can then manage a main course, I would recommend the fantastic Steak Two Ways (850), duo of grilled tenderloin steak and pulled tenderloin ragout served along with red wine jus and creamy mash – a meal you don’t need anything but a pint of cold beer with!

Don’t miss the desserts, the Banoffee Pie (340) is a must have; rich dulce de leche, real dairy cream and bananas, simply lovely! For chocolate lovers, the Dark Chocolate Mud Pie (400) qualifies as a meal. It’s things like this that make Smokeys a fine dining Grill & Bar with casual dining rules! The Smokey’s menu is well thought out, extensive and hearty, they have live music nights, food festivals and events regularly, so it’s no surprise, Smokeys is quite the urban hangout already!