The Merry Christmas Drunch at Olive Qutub

The Merry Christmas Drunch! at Olive Qutub

 Olive at the Qutub, One Style Mile, Mehrauli

Phone: 29574444 / 9810235472


At Olive Qutub, we are starting with dinner over Christmassy food stalls and sugary treats from the World of Willi Wonka ?and ending with a brunch. It’s going to be a feast twice over with live music.


The royal feast under the banyan tree courtyard will have Cheese bar, Christmas carvery, The Burget Shop, The Pasta Seller, Fire Grills, Antipasti Table, Condiment Cart, Salad Bar and the dessert buffet with candy station and live hot dessert………….  It’s the season to be greedy!



24th Dec at 7.30pm – Christmas Eve Feast:  Rs 2195++ per person with unlimited food and a welcome drink

25th Dec at 12noon – Christmas Brunch: Rs. 2695++ per person with ?unlimited food and drink





Christmas Carvery

Sage and honey-glazed gammon

Juniper and maple roast turkey

Served with

Mustard apple

Sweet potato in honey and bourbon

Red currant and cabbage sauerkraut

Sausage stuffing

Cranberry gravy



Pepperoni, parma ham, mortadella

Assorted pickles,olives, gherkins, pearl onion


Cheese Bar

Fresh and soft: Burrata, goat’s cheese

Aged and semi-hard: Emmenthal, brie

Savoury jam: Pear chutney, bell pepper jam, carrot jam


The Burger Shop

Minced chicken patty with sesame bunswith dijon mustard, chipotle mayo, fresh tomatoes, cornichons, grilled onions, cheddar slice


The Pasta Seller

Choice of durum wheat pasta

Sauces: Spicy tomato cream, arrabiata style, parmesan cacio-e-pepe

Toppings: Fresh basil, grated parmesan cheese, olives, vegetable ragout


The Pizza Juggler

Classic margherita with pesto drizzle

Winter vegetables with roasted onion

Smoked paprika chicken and mushroom

Gourmet meat and jalapeño


The Fire Grill

Selection of seasonal vegetables

Grilled winter mushrooms

Cottage cheese steak with tomato fondue

Mashed potato Grilled jumbo tiger prawns

Fillet of market fish with lemon caper emulsion

Tangy black pepper drizzled, grilled squid

Thyme-rubbed chicken

Braised lamb chops




Boulangerie Stall

Choice of rustic, hand-crafted breads from olive’s bakery

Pumpernickel, spelt, ciabatta rolls, saffron and onion focaccia, dark rye,

Walnut baguette, sea salt and basil flat bread


Condiment Cart

Garlic and goat’s cheese, balsamic and cumin, jalapeño butter

House matured grain mustard and dijon mustard

Choice of Himalayan edible flora and eucalyptus honey

French sea salt, Maldon salt, red and green peppercorn

Vinegars: Cider, sherry, balsamic and malt,

Olive oils: Italian, Spanish, garlic, chilli and lemon

Mortar and pestle: Pounded, oven-dried tomatoes with roasted garlic & onion

Anchovy and olive tapenade


Soup Kettle

Minty pea veloute

Vadouvan spiced chicken broth served with croutons


Antipasti Table

Tender greens, apple, quinoa and goat’s cheese

Heirloom tomato and strawberries and crushed bocconcini

Beetroot and citrus salad

Ash-grilled mushroom with pomegranate salsa

Seafood escabeche with cocktail drizzle

Moroccan chicken salad

Confit duck leg with plum

Hammock terrines with red onion jam


The Salad Bar

Iceberg, romaine, arugula

Dressing: Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, caesar dressing, sumac vinaigrette, cider vinaigrette

Vegetarian toppings: Sea salt, parmesan shavings, kalamata, black and green olives, garlic croutons, capers

Grilled vegetables, blanched broccoli, green apples, salt-baked nut

Non vegetarian toppings: Canned tuna, anchovies, boiled eggs


Chicken – 7 Spiced Shawarma

Slow-cooked chicken in pita roll

Sauces: Hummus, tashi, aioli, babaganouj

Topping: Pickled red onion, potato crisps, lettuce, Arabic pickle




Dessert buffet

Mince pie

German stolen bread

Valrhona manjari yule log

Dundee cake

Plum cake


Strawberry paris breast

Passionfruit macaroon


Caramel eclairs

Rose and mascarpone pannacotta

Pistachio and raspberry verrine


Live Hot Dessert

Traditional Christmas pudding, flambéed with brandy and served with bourbon sauce

Warm carrot cake served with hot,cream-cheese fondue

Waffles and pancake station with choice of bananas, blueberries and chocolate chips

Fresh fruits with home made ice creams and sorbets


Candy Station

Chocolates: Hazelnut truffle, honeycomb rochers, almond rock

Cup Cakes: Red velvet, choco-banana, vanilla

Cookies: Ginger bread, peanut butter cookies, oats and raisin

Sugar candy: Marshmallow, jujubes, meringues

Crunch: Pistachio and chocolate biscotti, caramelized popcorn and peanut

Roulade of Duck Leg (Custom)

Parul Pratap Shirazi

Parul is a trained Chef, professional food stylist, cook, food blogger and social media strategist. She loves grapes in her salad.