SOCIAL #SPOTLIGHT with RUN It’s the kid

SOCIAL #SPOTLIGHT with RUN It’s the kid for Parekh & Singh,

Sunday, 22nd Nov

Come on down to Hauz Khas Social for Nischay + Singh’s album release. Nischay Parekh’s music is lyrical, lucid and playfully imaginative. He likes to create worlds and environments for each of his songs.


It’s a mix of classic pop sensibilities and kindergarten electronics – everything

comes out of boxes or keyboards – no computers. This keeps things organic and

malleable.The album is full of lush orchestration and cinematic moments.


The live shows are constant re-imagination of the music and its architecture.

Nischay Parekh released his debut album Ocean in October 2013 and has toured

the country extensively since the release. In 2014, Parekh collaborated with Nisha Vasudevan to create an alluing video for ‘Panda’, the lead single off Ocean.

End your week with a bang as Nischay + Singh take pop and electronic music to a whole new level and digging into his roots to get the attention it deserves.

Hauz Khas Social is pumped to host this crazy night and is bound to keep you glued to the dance floor!

Full Details:

SOCIAL #SPOTLIGHT with RUN It’s the kid for Parekh & Singh at Hauz Khas Social, New Delhi

Date: Sunday, 22nd Nov, 2015 

Venue: Hauz Khas Social, New Delhi

Time: 9:30 pm onwards

Entry: Free Entry

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By Parul Pratap Shirazi

Parul is a trained Chef, professional food stylist, cook, food blogger and social media strategist. She loves grapes in her salad.