Renu Kochhar Nagrath

Have you met Renu Kochhar Nagrath? She’s bubbly, cheerful and so very interested in cooking and feeding people all kinds of deliciousness.

NameRenu Kochhar Nagrath
City Chennai, India
SpecialityRenu dabbles in a bit of everything and tries to increase her depth of knowledge in addition to the width of her repertoire.
Recipe 1Pull-apart Thecha Bread
Recipe 2Palak Paneer
Recipe 3Eggless Orange Cake with Orange Glaze
Recipe 4Mirchi ka Achaar
Recipe 5Mutton Curry
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What people thinkA wonderful singer and a marvellous cook, Renu is a down to earth and loving human being. She is sadee kuree from Chandigarh, now in Chennai- Vinod Bhardwaj
Renu is a friendly person who is keen to create and sustain relationships as much as she is enthusiastic about learning new dishes and techniques.- Sid Khullar
You present everything in such a nice way! Everything is natural -
no made up photography
- Preeti Bindra
Presentation skills are top notch!- Deepa Anand Balasubramaniam
Nowadays whenever I’m stressed with too much workload, all I do is go to CaL and see your awesome posts!- Madhuri Sadhwani
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