Poojan Majmudar’s Poem on the Chef at Large Facebook Group and its Members

Dear CaL and CaLlites,

Feeling awesome on getting a chance to write something about the group. Sometimes I feel that words are too small to describe and evaluate such a fabulous, lively and food loving group. I joined almost 4 months back, and after that, the way the member base has increased in super speed and finally the milestone of 100K is achieved, shows the real value of the group among people who love food, and for handling that speed very aggressively and positively, many congrats and Hats off to Sid, Rhea and Blessy.

The environment here is just electric at any point of time, all are very positive, for food and foodies, and always ready to help one another by sharing a recipe and what not.

Few awesome personalities I came across during this small journey, which will go long way in times to come, are top class cookery experts, are Teji Singh, Garima Sarolia Narera, Monal Patel, Reem Khan, Shweta Dhawan Mishra, Swati Dixit Dwivedi, Dhara Thakkar, Shivi Choudhary, Namita Tiwari, Shipla Pinaki, Shikha Gupta, Shivangi Shastri, Raj Sheth, Smeeta Abhonkar, Pari Vashisth, Shruti Hash, Sirisha Mantha, and many more, all these friends are crazy for food, and food preparations all the time, and ready to help, motivate and bring out the best from others. Great thing, truly. I might have missed a few names here, but all of them are just fabulous. I myself enjoyed my sweet journey here along with these personalities, who have always motivated me whenever I posted something and helped me being eager to cook more and more, its really very good. Thanks buddies for being there in so nice and lovely manner.

Presenting a small poem, on CaL and Callites,

2014-09-16 13_39_17-CaL Letter.odt (Protected View) - Word

Finally, a big hug to all of you , The Great CaL members, you all are true food lovers, just be whatever you are.


Poojan Majumdar

By Chef at Large Member

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