Mosaic, Crowne Plaza, Rohini

If you love Indian food, a choice of salads and healthy juices, or are constantly on the look out for eggless dessert options, this is one buffet you shouldn’t miss.

Last weekend a group of us bloggers from the CAL Bloggers Table made the (very) long trip to Rohini for the lunch buffet at Mosaic, the multi-cuisine restaurant in Crowne Plaza Rohini. After almost two hours on the road, I had forgotten my manners. A quick hello to my friends and I took off with my plate to see what was on offer.

First off – I was so pleased to see a really elaborate salad bar; a veritable riot of colours and textures. The Nutty Beetroot salad, Achari Mushroom salad, and Roasted Tenderloin salad were the standouts for me. The salad bar also included a selection of ingredients and dressings to make your own salad – some cold cuts, assorted tapas (interesting ones like water chestnut and beetroot, and raspberry with salsa), cheese, and sushi. If you’re not really a salad person, you can begin with chaat instead. Head over to the chaat counter and get some Bhalla papdi, gol gappe, or even a Khatta Meetha chaat infusion.

The buffet offers a different healthy drink every day at the juice counter, that can be added to the buffet price at a very nominal INR 100. On the day of our visit, it was a divine combination of apple, beetroot, and celery. Not only was the drink delicious, it was the prettiest drink I’ve ever laid eyes on – the three glasses I demolished during the course of my meal a testament to their nature. Executive Chef Aditya Jaimini informed us that they also do a very refreshing orange and carrot juice mix – can’t wait to try that the next time.

Before hitting the mains, I stopped by the bread counter that had a lovely selection of freshly baked bread, all made in-house and flavoured herb butters. There was also a choice of two soups – Minestrone and Chicken sweet corn.

For the mains, there was plenty to choose from. I started with the live grills section and tried some prawns and satay. For vegetarians there are several fresh vegetables that can be grilled. I also tried the made-to-order pizza (the crust was too thick for my liking and overkill with the toppings) and the pasta (passable, but not very well seasoned).

The Chinese/Thai section had only a few dishes on offer, but they were the right ones. The Stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts and dried chilli, the Vegetarian Thai green curry, and the Asparagus, water chestnut, and Broccoli stir-fry were all delicious. I really wish there was more thought given to the poor dimsum section though; quite depressingly categorized as “veg” and “non veg”.

The Indian section of the buffet was the most extensive and also the best executed. All the classics were there – Murgh handi lazeez, Bhuna Gosht, and Dal Makhani. There were also some interesting new dishes like Khajoor Malai Kofta and Kaju Mattar Makhana that were a nice change from the classics and the usual dreary food dished out at most buffets.

The dessert counter was impressive, and for once, diners who can’t eat eggs will not complain. There were more than 5 eggless options including Strawberry gateaux, Chocolate mud cake, Orange mousse, and a Kiwi pastry. The Baked yogurt with a berry compote on top was one of my favourites – not too sweet, and just the right amount of tartness from the berries. The Indian desserts were excellent, particularly Omali (eggless again), a kheer-type preparation with a very thin, caramelized sugar layer on top. Children (and some adults!) would love the chocolate fountain – done right, with good-quality dark chocolate and an assortment of fruits and cake to dip into it.

If you love Indian food, a choice of salads and healthy juices, or are constantly on the look out for eggless dessert options, this is one buffet you shouldn’t miss. Priced very reasonably at INR 1149 for the lunch buffet, and INR 549 for the dessert buffet (love this idea!), the next time you’re in the mood for an extended meal over a few hours, try Mosiac at Crowne Plaza, Rohini.

My Chinese Platter
My Chinese Platter

By Charis A. B.

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