La Crepe Rit, Saket District Centre, New Delhi

Tucked away in one dark corner of the largely uninhabited Saket District Centre sits La Crepe Rit. We walked in one Wednesday evening, and found ourselves the only ones there. Met with a cheerful server, and some not so cheerful news (no liquor license for another week), we settled down and decided to order some rosemary and sea salt garlic bread (110) and deep fried fish goujons (250) to start with. The garlic bread was square, and it looked like a thin crust pizza. Delicately flavoured and minus the usual cheese overkill, this was an enjoyable appetizer. I only wish the rosemary was fresh and not the dried variety. The fish goujons were fine though they did beg to be served with a more flavorful  sauce.

Next we tried the Super Champignons Galette (375), Arv’s Jumbo Burger (395), and one of the specials – Grilled Fish in Lemon Butter Sauce (395).

The bistro’s signature dish, the galette (savoury crepe) was very interesting.  The one I chose had a mixture of eggs, ham, cheese, and mushrooms, packed inside an open-faced buckwheat crepe, with the sides slightly folded over. More than the filling, I thoroughly enjoyed the rustic look and taste of the speckled, brown, buckwheat flour crepe. This dish was also square, with chopped (fresh, this time) parsley over the top. One word of caution though – the galette rapidly loses its flavour and texture as it begins to get cold, so make sure you eat it warm.

The burger was a no-nonsense, honest dish. A large, moist lamb patty sitting pretty between two slices of burger buns, with tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, and (how I love this) a fried egg for company. The bread wasn’t made in-house but that didn’t take away from the deliciousness of the burger.

The grilled fish was Surmai, and not Basa for a change. Fresh, and cooked in plenty of butter, it came with some lovely vegetables. Nice, but I could barely discern a hint of lemon in the lemon butter sauce; perhaps ‘butter sauce’ would have been a befitting moniker. The plate was really missing some good mashed potatoes; but that’s just me.

For deserts we tried two sweet crepes; Strawberries and Cream (195) and Chocolate and Almonds (250) both of which were very uninspiring. My hope for fresh strawberries did not materialize, although the almonds did add some interesting texture to the soft chocolate-covered crepes. The crepes themselves weren’t very appealing, although the dishes were well presented. I’ve always felt that crepes are too large to be eaten as dessert post a meal. I wish mini ones would be introduced; imagine how cute they’d be too!

La Crepe Rit is warm, with tasteful décor and happy-making music (Sinatra does that to me). There’s even a corner with a small assortment of novels and magazines. The chalkboard menu adds charm, as do the large black and white photographs of iconic landmarks from Paris, London, and Venice. The menu’s signature item is the crepes, although they also have pizzas, pastas, and continental dishes on offer. There is also a special kids menu.

Head to La Crepe Rit for a quick bite; try a savoury galette or one of the day’s specials. Once they have the liquor license in place, I’d love to go back to try the famous brandy-drenched Crepe Suzette.

Super champignons galette_1
Super Champignons Galette

Charis A. B.

is a language editor by profession, a foodie and a talented baker. When she isn't pulverizing a training dummy (and people sometimes) during kickboxing practice, she can be seen clicking away with her camera and scouring markets for hard to find ingredients. She's fond of travelling and an inveterate carnivore. Charis covers New York for Chef at Large and can be reached at