Giani’s, GK 1, New Delhi

Tinky enjoyed herself at Giani’s and suggests you pay a visit post haste.

Contributed by Tinky Ningombam

[singlepic id=1727 w=80 h=92 float=left]I visited Giani’s in GK 1 for the first time last week and came back fairly pleased.

I started with the Tutty Fruity; too sweet for my taste as it turned out, what with all the sweetened fruit cubes and strawberry (my bad, here, I don’t like strawberry) ice-cream. A little disappointing for my first serving. At this point it was so hot inside, the ice-cream kept melting. I used my better judgement and pointed my fingers to everything that I found interesting one at a time. The flavors to my left, lacked imagination; the regulars: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mango, litchi, choco-chip (Rs 35 – Rs 55 per scoop)… yada yada, all taste the same everywhere.

What I ended up falling in love with was the Belgian Chocolate, which is said to be quite popular here. I loved the rich flavor of dark cocoa and declare it worth every penny spent.  I liked the Café Mocha next, a new entrant I was told, which had none of the extra sweeteness that weight-watchers hate in ice-creams, but a delectable taste that comes from strong coffee. I enjoyed the Blueberry Blast, more for my love of blueberries though it’s looks certainly didn’t live up to my expectations.

A little quirky but cute thing that they have introduced at Giani’s is the Kuch Nai Sundae. We asked the manager what it meant and he told us that it is quite the opposite; the Kuch Nai Sundae includes all flavors served and could literally be called the Sab Kuch Sundae. He explained that whenever somebody comes in without a definite choice in mind they end saying they’ll have ‘Kuch nahi’ or ‘nothing’. I tried the Kulfi Faluda as well; chilled with strong flavors of rose water and pista. I was told that the recipe used is 50 years old.

Giani’s has now got a total of 31 outlets within the Delhi & NCR region, all of them serving ice-creams, sundaes, shakes, faludas, fruit creams, sodas and so on. The pricing is reasonable, the service fast and most outlets are take-aways rather than sit-ins. What I don’t understand is why they introduced burgers and breads, which I wanted to check out but didn’t find them at the GK 1 outlet.

You ask me if the place is worth its salt. Definitely! It’s affordable, casual and convenient… if not for anything else, I would return for that waffle wrapped dollop of  Belgian goodness!

By Chef at Large Member

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