Foodhall Launches The House of Tea

~ A luxury retail brand of loose tea leaves handpicked by tea sommeliers ~


National, October, 2015: In recent years, flavored teas and tea blends have come to infuse the imaginations and tantalize the taste buds of Indians. Pioneering the concept of first-class specialty teas in retail marketplace, India’s premium lifestyle food superstore – Foodhall launches The House of Tea – a plush brand that introduces you to some of the finest quality of loose tea leaves. The House of Tea by Foodhall, also known as THT, is a luxurious idea that thrives on reviving the rich tradition of tea brewing and appreciation. THT creates around 70 varieties of interesting loose leaf blends which are distinct and unique from each other. Some tea blends are brewed to detoxify, some for de-stressing and some to boosts antioxidant – each THT tea infusion is created for the wellness of body & mind.


THT’s tea sommeliers have traversed the world to find the best quality single estate tea and blends that has the prowess to bring about a tea movement right here at home. Take your taste buds on a trip with THT through Sri Lankan Ceylon to Chinese Ginseng Oolong to Egyptian Tisanes to South African Rooibos. If your taste buds crave for local flavors, The House of Tea brings you India’s popular tea sommelier Anamika Singh’s signature tea infusions. Lady Grey, for instance, combines Black Tea, Bergamot Oil with Lavender Flowers.

The House of Tea is just not about loose tea leaves or blends – it is an experience! With THT, Foodhall aims to revive the grandeur and elegance of tea drinking. THT completes your tea experience with range of sophisticated cast iron vintage tea pots and infusers. Each product is packed in gold rimmed tins, boxes or jars that are discernibly delightful. THT further enhances the tea drinking culture with its premium collection of specially crafted demitasse sticks and tea sugars, a range of ambrosial tea jellies and cookies which serve as perfect accompaniments.


Avni Biyani, Concept Head – Foodhall says, “There is an element of art when it comes to tea drinking. And a true tea lover understands the finer nuances of tea. With THT, we are bringing back the classic alchemy of tea culture in India of single estate blends, Asian teas, flavorful infusions and exotic tisanes that will definitely appeal to every tea purist.”


Tea in India has evolved in its variety and flavors. Real tea drinkers primarily prefer unflavored and straight teas that blend fruits, flowers, spices and herbs. The House of Tea ensures the classic tea scents to stand out. As tea has always been viewed as a healthy beverage, THT ensures that with the additions of these flavors and aromas, a plain cup of tea can suddenly be much more inviting.

The House of Tea by Foodhall

Parul Pratap Shirazi

Parul is a trained Chef, professional food stylist, cook, food blogger and social media strategist. She loves grapes in her salad.