Reverse of the Festival Menu

Five Starred Balle Balle

I thought the highway food at Dhaba quite un-five star like, which is a compliment!

It is a fairly well known fact that five stars are constitutionally unable to cook rustic food. That fact, one I had yet to see a true exception of, had it’s foundations shaken up last week when I visited the ‘Truck along the Trunk’ festival at Dhaba, Claridges, New Delhi. Their chefs drew inspiration from some of the much loved restaurants and dhabas at and around the Grand Trunk road and recreated old favorites, giving full credit to the restaurant in question. As a result we have ‘Chajju ka Mutton’, ‘Battaley da Maghaz Masala’ and ‘Roh di Kheer’ among others. I went through quite a few dishes from the menu and could only think of how utterly un-five star like the food was, which in this case, was a compliment of the highest order. The food was spicy, rugged, oily, rustic, rough and very satisfying. If it wasn’t work, I would have loved to pull out a book to accompany the meal, which too is a compliment. I suggest a visit, if regular dhabas seem a little out of the way.