Fire’s ablaze! New Menu at Fire, The Park, New Delhi

[singlepic id=1727 w=80 h=92 float=left]Yes it sure is! Fire, the Indian fine dining restaurant at The Park is definitely on a roll. More than innovation in terms of creating new dishes and recipes, innovation in recreating a dish holds more value, simply because it is harder to do and is even harder to change a visitor’s mindset towards the reinvented version. Why I say this is because the new menu at Fire is all about reinvention. They have taken various Indian dishes and brought them back in a new avataar and I think the effort deserves an A+. The menu speaks volumes of the chefs behind it; not just for the way they have recreated a dish but also the elements they have added to bring in the fusion angle, which extends to how the dish is plated and presented as well. Very enterprising I must say!

Since we were there to sample the new menu, we were served a plethora of dishes in small portions but from the looks of the platters served to other patrons, I can safely say that the portions are generous. The other aspects that deserve a special mention are the organic facets of the menu. There is a whole set of dishes that are deemed organic with a mention of where the produce originates. So you can choose the Kasundi Tandoori Phool (525) which is clay-oven grilled broccoli that comes from Manesar. I enjoyed this dish for the signature broccoli crunch and the wonderful zing of mustard. The lentils for the Dal Makhni (525) from this menu are sourced from Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan. This is an ingenious concept on the restaurant’s part and it certainly went down well with me.

For starters we tried Paneer Tikka Angara (470) which had a definitive pomegranate tang. Next were Goolar ke Kebab (475) which were patties made of wild figs and lentils. I was surprised that they were vegetarian because the flavour of the whole spices gave them a very meaty fragrance. Lastly in the vegetarian selection, we had the Tandoori Aloo Sarson Wale (425), simple and nice, perfect for me since I love both potatoes and mustard. Among the non vegetarian starters, we were pleasantly surprised by the Tandoori Foie Gras (1200), yes you heard me, this is pan cooked goose liver; all creamy and flavour heavy, seasoned with tandoori spices, formed into a patty and served atop an Ajwaini Khasta Toast. This is where the fusion kicks in big time. I love Foie Gras and honestly, there are times I wish I could spike it with Tabasco if it won’t kill the chef. This was one dish that really got us talking. We had the Dill Salmon Tikka (1040), for a change the Salmon was done very well and the dill was subtle but fit in well. The Lemongrass Lamb Chops (1450) and Gongura Chicken Wings (795) made for a perfect platter, the chicken wings mildly flavoured with sorrel leaves and the Lemon Chops perfectly done. Another special mention for the Peri-Peri Prawns (1450), the sauce was house made for sure and the prawns were done to perfection. This is one place where you can make a meal out of the starters, add a dessert and head home!

For the main course we experienced a very different kind of combination; cottage cheese and kalamata olives, the Kalamata Olive Roll (545) is a roulade of paneer with a stuffing of black olives tapenade in a mint and peppercorn curry, very nice, very strong flavours. The Nalli Nehari (895) was perfectly done with the meat falling off the bone, the Kareli Roganjosh (895) was fragrant and rich but what really stood out was the Narangi Black Cod (995), orange scented Tandoori black cod served with a coriander relish; nice! The Tomato Pappu was well done, quite like a homemade dal and then there was a Lady Finger dry side dish that I personally wish the chef had done more with, only because the entire menu was otherwise so creative. We enjoyed all these dishes with the Organic Bread Basket (445) out of which I loved the Jowar roti the most. We completed this hugely creative and definitely delicious meal with a selection of 4 desserts, the Homemade Nalen Gur ice cream (425), my favourite, the Vanilla Bean Shahi Tukri with a berry compote (425), tangy and fresh, the Paan Ras Malai (425), a signature dessert at Fire, that I have enjoyed before and the wonderfully done Gondhoraj Lemon ice cream (425) made with the flavours from the rind of these limes all the way from West Bengal.

All in all this was a new experience, both in terms of flavours and how Chefs are in the process of recreating familiar foods with unfamiliar nuances. I will definitely be going back and this time for the Seafood Rasam, the Achari Keema Kaleji, the Daab Chingri and the Chocolate Gulab Jamun! Yes I wrote it down, lest I forget.

Parul Pratap Shirazi

Parul is a trained Chef, professional food stylist, cook, food blogger and social media strategist. She loves grapes in her salad.