Ek Bar introduces Weekend Brunch

Every Story has a punchline

Ek Bar introduces Weekend Brunch. 12 – 4 pm

Unlimited alcohol package @ Rs 1,000 ++

With Special  a’la carte brunch menu

D 17 first floor Defence Colony , new Delhi – 24

For reservations contact: 11- 416 88811

Ek Bar features a spiked selection of fresh ingredient punches and cocktails & a new Indian brunch menu. Ek Bar is looking to add some extra sass to your table with their artisanal cocktail offerings. The word punch is a loanword from the Sanskrit (pañch), meaning “five,” as the drink was originally made with five ingredients: alcohol, sugar, lemon, water, & tea or spices.

Unlimited alcohol package @ Rs 1,000 ++

Premium artisanal punches and Ek Bar cocktails, top-shelf liquor, Indian beer and wine.

Ek Bar artisanal punches and cocktails menu include:

Cantonment Punch, The Ambassadors Punch, The East India Cup and Indo Cuban Tales

Weekend A’La Carte Brunch menu specials include:

Pumpkin Mulligatwani– Soup (v) Rs 250 ; Mushroom and Kalari Cheese Sandwich (v) Rs 350 ; Akuri Frittata Rs 400 ; Ek Bar Appam Rs 500

Ek Bar Ramen Rs 600; Bombay Pomfret Rs 600; Thalassery Chicken Biryani Rs 700