Desserts at Chilli Seasonss

Avanti Mathur is in town and from the looks of it, she’s about to unleash a rush of desserts on unsuspecting townies. We checked out the new range of dessertss at Chilli Seasonss on two occasionss; once in a group and once again after that. The second visit ended up with Sheetal and I visiting Purana Villa, the result of which is here.

The first time around, it was Indu, Cherie, Sneha, Gautam, Bani, Shashank and Veb. Then, as later, the Chilli Seasonss dessert range by Avanti Mathur (all @ INR 199) included the following, arranged per my favourites, the best being first:

  • Peanut Butter Mousse Domes
  • Warm Orange Bread Pudding
  • Chocolate Caramel Tart
  • Warm Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Thai Chili ‘Hot’ Chocolate Cinnamon Beignet ‘Satay’

Though desserts don’t figure very high in my list of priorities, I’ll say all of them could be more colourful and adventurous. Then again, maybe it’s me.

Not surprisingly, the Chocolate Caramel Tart, tart crust filled with dense, gooey, chocolate, was rated #1 by nearly 60% of those who tasted it; chocolate still rules. Warm Toffee Pudding, a cupcake of sorts served warm, topped with mildly heated toffee sauce, accompanied by a little platter of vanilla ice cream; rated #3 by 42%.

When was the last time you ate bread pudding? It had been ages for me, the last time probably at my mothers place years ago. A very warm and comforting dish, the Warm Orange Bread Pudding was just like a normal, mildly sweet bread pudding with the added flavour of burnt orange; rated 4th by more than 60%.

The Thai Chili ‘Hot’ Chocolate Cinnamon Beignet ‘Satay’ was quite interesting; deep fried balls of dough, brown from the oil, dusted with castor sugar accompanied by a hot chocolate and chili dip. The dip was quite delicious with a tiny but distinct chili aftertaste, the point being to dip the balls into the hot, chilli chocolate dip before eating. Innovative, but voted in 5th place by more than 70%.

Which leaves us with the Peanut Butter Mousse Dome, nearly straight out of a Roald Dahl book, perhaps a parallel to the Giant Peach; cake surrounded by a light, vaguely gooey, peanut butter mousse (don’t even begin thinking why it’s so¬† light despite the peanut butter) the whole coated with a thin layer of chocolate, topped with caramelized peanuts.

I’d say you want to go try these desserts. Perhaps after a meal in the vicinity, skip the run-of-the-mill options for desserts wherever you ate, hop over to Chilli Seasonss and check out Avanti’s creations. Perhaps you’ll find one that’ll make you return for more?

– Sid

Sid Khullar

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