De’Longhi, Kenwood and Braun are officially in India!

Did you know De’Longhi, Kenwood and Braun kitchen appliances are now officially available in India? Yes, they are!

On the face of it, a blender is a blade in a jar that connects to a motor, that’s it. Other home kitchen appliances can similarly be described and one would be forgiven for think it’s simple to start. It is true that in their simplest form most kitchen appliances can be simply described and also true that we could even find such simple appliances for sale. Having said that, to the kitchen enthusiast, there are many more facets to the simplest piece of kitchen equipment than is apparent. We need superior ergonomics, which ensure we can safely and effectively use the appliance repeatedly without incurring health issues, there’s build quality and weight, both of which need to be balanced against each other, plus more aspects such as jar design, blade design, type of plastics and other materials used and so on.

The simple fact here is, we need equipment that is effective, efficient and usable, and there aren’t many brands that deliver on these requirements across their product ranges. The De’Longhi Group, a long time and reputed manufacturer of small appliances for home and kitchen offers appliances that are available worldwide under the De’Longhi marque as well as the very well-known brands like Kenwood and Braun.

The good news is, De’Longhi Group has tied up with Orient Electric to bring these excellent brands to the Indian market. This means that, not only can the entire range be browsed with ease, strategically located service centres will be available to provide repairs, service and spare parts as well. Isn’t that wonderful?

On 28th November 2018, Orient Electric Limited announced a strategic partnership with the De’Longhi group to bring De’Longhi’s premium range of small appliances to the Indian market. A part of the renowned CK Birla Group, Orient Electric Limited will market the De’Longhi, Kenwood and Braun brands in India. Tying up with an Indian partner, especially one who has been in the business for as long as Orient Electric has, is a good thing, given that the local partner understands the market, the needs of consumers and many other dynamics that need to be considered over and above the product.

As per Mr. Tunc Gencoglu, MEIA Vice President Commercial and Turkey Managing Director, De’Longhi Group, each of the three brands have their own niche to operate within. De’Longhi for awesome coffee experiences (‘Bean to Cup’), Kenwood for jazzing up home cooking (the ‘joy of homemade food’) and Braun specifically for its technically superior hand blenders and irons. Given how demanding we are as a market, this is a good strategy where brands put forward their best products in the best possible way to ensure acceptance and ultimately overall success.

The announcement was held at Le Meridian hotel, Delhi, with one side of the hall laden with buffet tables, the centre for all of us in the audience and the speakers, and the right had the most lovely sight – a line-up of all the products destined for the Indian market with product experts standing by to help us use them and to provide whatever information and details we needed. There really is a marked difference between average and premium. These products felt more solid while at the same time being easier to handle, due to superior construction and product design, blend cycles ere shorter due to improved blade designs, blending is splash free, immersion blenders were designed such that they were much easier to clean than others I’ve seen and while we might moan about doing bit of ironing, a good iron makes the chore so much better, and there’s hardly any better than Braun!

Also unveiled at the event were the popular De’Longhi fully automatic coffee machines that are to sure to impress most coffee lovers with the level of customisation and ease of usage they offer. On the other hand, Kenwood caught our attention with their all-in-one kitchen machines that allow one to beat, knead, whisk, cream and fold with confidence.

This would be a great time to go check out the products at your closest store and figure out which ones you’re going to pamper yourself with this festive season! Or you can buy ’em online. Just click the product you’re interested in.

By Sid Khullar

Sid Khullar is a wellness coach who works with different aspects of lifestyle change towards the accomplishment of goals such as weight loss and blood sugar management among other health situations that require the presence of specialised, precise diets and lifestyle change. His methods address aspects of food, nutrition and the mind.