Deeply Divine Christmas

I have been hunting for a cup of good hot chocolate for years now. Coffee shops give you some version of it but poor in my opinion, and hotels do a little more justice but the real travesty is when they use chocolate syrup in hot milk. What I want is thick, syrupy, rich and so full of cocoa that I am on an endorphin high in minutes. I found it last week, at Chokola, their Signature Hot Chocolate¬† (180) is ‘just’ chocolate and not a single other contaminant (read: milk, sugar, syrup). The portion is big for a drink this potent but appreciable because when its served hot enough you can savour for an hour or more. Real hot chocolate is not cocoa powder or chocolate syrup/sauce, its real chocolate, chunk of it, melted, slightly petered down (sometimes with fresh dairy cream) and served thick and yummy. So when I’m not up to whipping up a batch, this was will more than suffice.

Here’s what the brand has to say –

Chokola Signature Hot Chocolate (70.4 % cocoa): Dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 70.4 %, characterized by a strong and distinct taste.

Chokola Dark (53.8% cocoa): A superior dark cocoa drink extremely well balance in taste, colour & texture

Chokola Milk (33.8% cocoa): An Excellent milk couverture with dark colour, an intense cocoa taste with typical caramel flavors & creaminess.

While there, I also tried the new chocolate cups, much like their truffles these come in 9 variants and are cup shaped, so the centre is filled with flavour. I actually kind of prefer these, they’re richer and definitely more flavoursome. The chocolate at Chokola is dark and rich, better than most indie chocolate brands, so this addition gives patrons more gifting options, the truffles are a bit too bite sized for someone like me and then again I wouldn’t want to have more than 1 or 2 at a time, so next time, chocolate cups it shall be!