Brunch has been Plated!

Yes, I love elaborate brunch buffets; every hotel worth their while has put together one with specials like sushi bars, oysters on ice, complimentary wines and cocktails, but nothing beats a plated meal! So if you combine the leisure of a Sunday brunch with courses of piping hot, plated, gourmet meals, you have yourself a super Sunday on the anvil. That’s exactly what Diva Kitsch has done with their Sunday Brunch menu, which starts with an array of Dim Sum and flows into a main course, ending with delightful assorted desserts platter to complete the meal. Diva Kitsch is not ‘typically’ kitschy, it’s more whimsical and ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Fairy lights adorn a vintage cycle and your napkin is a kitchen duster, complete with the red and white checks. The ambience is casual chic and you can see many a family carting kids over for meals they may be too young to understand but enjoy nevertheless. Take a window table and watch south Delhi scramble past and thank your stars you’re at a place like Diva Kitsch on a sweltering Sunday afternoon!

Brunch starts with unlimited Dim Sum, which is great since the portions come in cutesy pairs or singles and tiny little bamboo steamers and you can ask for what you liked most as often as you want. The vegetarian selection included Chinese Greens & Water Chestnut, Wild Mushroom, Spicy Root Vegetable and Asparagus & Wild Garlic, and each one was unique and wonderful. That’s what I like about Chef Ritu Dalmia; she respects each ingredient for it’s individual traits and either showcases it as is or paired perfectly. I especially enjoyed the Wild Mushroom and Asparagus & Wild Garlic and so did my 8 year old. Among the meaty Dim Sum, we flipped over the Chilli Pork and Five Spice Beef and had an embarrassing load of these two. Te pork is nice and pungent and the beef is cooled off by the star anise, do not miss these. Apart from these, the kid especially liked Prawn & Japanese Ginger (very reminiscent of sushi!) and Barbequed Chicken.

Slow Cooked Ribs
Slow Cooked Ribs

For the main course, the selection is extensive and mostly Pan Asian barring the Kitsch Breakfast Platter. The platter includes a choice between Asian Fried Eggs, Asian Scrambled Eggs or Thai Style Omelette with sides of Ponzu sauteed Mushrooms, Sesame Toasted Greens, Kidney Bean Mash, Sweet Potato Rosti, homemade Sausages, Sesame Bun and Flaky Malabar Parantha! Dear God! If you like a full plated meal like I do then blindly go for the Kaffir Lime Scented Sea Bass with Coconut Chilly Rice. The fish is done perfectly, flaky and light with an amazing topping of Kaffir Lime coconut sauce. We also tried the Asian Styled Beef topped with a Fried Egg and served on a Flaky Malabar Parantha. This delightful prep has a seared tenderloin steak, very well seasoned and moistened with a gravy sitting atop a perfect Malabar Parantha, my kind of eating! The kid chose smart, she had the Slow Cooked Ribs with Apricot Chilli Salsa, Kidney Bean Mash and Crispy Greens and she did not share a bite. I did manage to sneak a few and decided right then, that this would be my order when I am here next! The ribs were dripping good, though I wish the portion was slightly larger.

Dessert was an assorted platter which the Chef likes to play around with so it is liable to change every weekend. Our was a combination of Diva Kitsch classic Creme Brulee, Strawberry Cheesecake (baked) and a Nut Chocolate Brownie that was the perfect end to a lovely meal. The brunch menu at Diva Kitsch is beautifully balanced between vegetarian and non-vegetarian and I feel this kitchen does tremendous justice to their vegetarian patrons, very refreshing!

Parul Pratap Shirazi

Parul is a trained Chef, professional food stylist, cook, food blogger and social media strategist. She loves grapes in her salad.