Akum Raj Jamir

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NameAkum Raj Jamir
City Chennai, India
SpecialityEverything! Non-vegetarian, vegetarian, soups, salads, curries, cakes and anything else you can come up with!
Recipe 1Chicken with Pumpkin and Oats
Recipe 2Banana Oats Loaf Cake
Recipe 3Beef Pickle
Recipe 4Non Alcoholic Sangria
Recipe 5Vendakkai Pachhadi
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Akum is one of the most talented and enthusiastic and helpful members we've seen on CaL. What a variety of dishes from mains to desserts, breakfast to dinner! A true gem that we're proud to have on CaL. - Rhea Mitra-Dalal
I find her interests and recipes varied, and not only from her own culture and not just desserts etc. - Sid Khullar
Her posts are so interesting and innovative. And she is a lovely person, ever ready to share her recipes.- Lyla Matthew
The best part about her is that's she is equally enthusiastic to teach others and all her posts have the recipes updated instantly. Not just that she is quick enough to address your queries on the same too.- Savita Panicker
Akum is very innovative. She cooks with simple ingredients and her dishes are nutritious!!- Laveeniya Saldanha

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