Spices. Herbs and spices selection in old metal spoons over wooden background. Rosemary, salt and lemon.

8 Must Have Herbs & Spices for every Kitchen

Herbs and spices are intrinsic members of the spice shelf in every kitchen. Herbs add their exotic flavour in our food, not to mention their charming aromas as well. Besides, herbs also have various nutrients and healing properties which make them a treasure trove of home remedies for common ailments. You can keep them in your medicine cabinet and have an instant cure for everything from digestive ailments to neurodegenerative diseases, the common cold or even diabetes. For anyone out there who is still confused about the difference between herbs and spices, here is a little trivia: Herbs are the green and leafy part of a plant while spices are actually obtained from the non-leafy part of a plant such as the bark, root, stem, bulb etc. So now that we are clear about the two, let’s check out some essential herbs for every kitchen.

Basil: Now, who doesn’t love the toothsome flavour of basil on pizzas, pasta or any Italian dish for that matter? Basil has tons of flavour that will bring out the best from your food. Not only that, it is a legal alternative to marijuana as it has the same anti-inflammatory effects sans the neurological side-effects. In fact it is also known to combat bowel inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis. You can grow basil in your kitchen garden and use them fresh from the plant whenever you please.

Cinnamon: The word cinnamon brings to the mind the charming aroma of the most popular desserts in the world. Be it apple pie or cinnamon roll, most of the desserts are incomplete without this awesome herb. Cinnamon is a super food with antioxidants that can combat cancer, neurodegenerative maladies like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and even helps with pre-diabetes and diabetes by making the blood sugar levels stable.

Turmeric: Turmeric is an indispensable herb in very kitchen. It adds its natural colour to any dish besides adding a smooth flavour. Turmeric is one of the most common healing herbs that can cure most of the insect bites and common cold. It is an amazing COX-2 inhibitor and has anti-inflammatory properties minus the undesirable side effects. It also helps in relieving pain and is used in natural face packs. No wonder it is called the gold of all spices.

Coriander: For all the lovers of green chutney, coriander is the best herb to grow in your kitchen garden. The awesome flavour and aroma of Cilantro makes it an amazing seasoning for meats, salsas, and Caribbean dishes. This herb is used in pasta and soups as well which makes it worthwhile to must have it in your cooking place.  Cilantro is high in antioxidant vitamin C and rich in several vitamins and minerals.  It is a revitalizing herb that helps in digestion and relieves inflammation that may upset your gastric system.

Ginger: Talk about herbs used as flavouring agents and the name ginger would be on the top list. Ginger is one of the main ingredients in Asian cooking as it imparts a slightly hot tang to any dish. Besides, ginger also has several healing properties and is helpfil in treating nausea, prevents heartburn and bloating, thus makes it a super herb. Having ginger and honey helps to relieve sore throat and helps in common cold.

Bay leaves: Bay leaves are again mostly used in Indian cuisine to add aroma and a distinct flavour to the food. This herb is typically available as dry leaves with a certain woody taste.  The potency of this herb can be ascertained from the fact that a single leaf can add a lot of flavour and aroma to your soups, stews, and marinades.

Black Pepper:  We love black pepper, don’t we? And the love is just because this herb belongs to essential fraternity of “salt and pepper”. Pepper is probably the most popular herb in the world that finds its way in most of the salads, soups, steak, sandwich and every savoury. It is rich in anti-oxidants and has antibacterial properties which makes it a natural food preservative.

Cloves: Certainly one of the best herbs around, cloves help in preventing cells from being oxidized in the body. Ground or whole cloves are a wonderful food that helps in controlling insulin levels, treating health issues like toothaches and common cold, and helping in anti-inflammation of the body.

With such natural herbs that indeed super foods with amazing attributes, you must have them in your kitchen. So go ahead and grow these wonderful herbs in your kitchen garden.