Kickstarter Weight Loss Package

Kickstarter is our intermediate plan, one step above Basecamp, and one step below Bootcamp. In this package, you’ll get everything that Basecamp offers – 4 great meal plans that are nutritionally balanced, inform you of supplements you need to take in addition to your diet and backed by government sources of Indian and International nutritional data.

This plan brings a little more practicality to the notion of losing weight. We aren’t always going to eat at home, and won’t always be able to eat as per our meal plans. Additionally, we are aware that the real cause of most weight gain originates in our heads. The Kickstarter weight loss plan provides a few ways to address this.

Did you know that most meal plans suggested for weight loss also cause you to lose vital nutrients and essentially create nutritional deficiencies in your body? 

Look Great, Feel Better
Let’s face it. Losing weight definitely makes us look and feel better. While this doesn’t change who we are, it changes the way we interact with the world and the way the world interacts with us.

Psychological therapy helps us resolve issues, real or perceived, in a manner that is long term, sustainable and healthy for our mental state of being, which is just as real as our physical bodies.

This plan includes the same features as Basecamp, with some more additions to make it more useful for first-timers plus taking it to the next level with the introduction of a psychological counselling session designed to help you understand the internal reasons behind your weight gain and/or eating habits and assist you in overcoming them. Ready to start losing weight? Click here to purchase this plan @ INR 2950 +GST.

Kickstarter Weight Loss Package
Diet Charts
4 diet charts each month (1 per week)
6 sessions, by email
4 requests per month
1 Session, 1 hour, phone, Meeta Verma, Psychologist
Diet Log Counselling
2 sessions, by email, where we’ll analyze your dietary intake and provide feedback/counselling
Food SOS
3 Messages when you’re out with friends or family, to ask what you can eat without violating your meal plan.
50% off when two participants register (INR 2000 value)

The regular price for these services is usually around INR 7,500 per month. That’s a great deal isn’t it?

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Note: You will be billed INR 3481 (INR 2950 + GST @ 18%).