Vegetarian Food with More Protein than Eggs

If there’s one question most vegetarians want an answer to, is what foods can they eat that have protein contents equivalent to that of eggs. Predictably, Google has a truckload of available answers, but they either appear to vary or they seem all have been collated from the same source. So, I dug into my database, wrote a little code and a few hours later, have a list of vegetarian foods that have more protein than boiled eggs.

The table below contains the percentage of macro nutrients, i.e. proteins, fats and carbs in the mentioned foods, relative to the contents of the same nutrients in boiled eggs. Can you see the trade off?

For example, while peanuts contain nearly double the protein in eggs, they also have 4.6 times the amount of fat and nearly 19 times the amount of carbs, which in turn translate into sugars. In addition, you may know that plant foods do not contain all the essential amino acids we require in our diet, and peanuts are no exception lacking as they are in L-methionine.

There are similar stories with all the foods in there, not a single one actually delivering lean protein into our bodies, while also not being complete proteins to begin with.

What’s your conclusion? Do leave a comment below so I know. :)

FoodRel. Protein %Rel. Fat %Rel. Carb %
Peanuts, dry roasted1944681898
Chickpea, flour / besan178635163
Almonds, dry roasted1674951876
Sunflower seeds1654851786
Tofu, fried150190791
Chia, seeds1312903761
Peanuts, boiled1072071898
Wheat flour, whole grain105246426
Bread, wheat, toasted103404979
Buckwheat/Kuttu flour100296303

Source: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 28


Sid Khullar

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