Fact Sheet: Vitamin B-12

Fact Sheet forVitamin B-12
Also known as / related termsB Complex Vitamin
What does it do?Used in the body to produce red blood cells and DNA among other functions.
Where is it found?Meat, poultry, fish, milk, cheese, fortified soymilk and cereals
TypeWater soluble
Internally produced?No
Who is at risk of deficiency?Vegans, vegetarians
Symptoms of deficiency- numbness
- pins and needles sensation in hands
- trouble walking
- severe joint pain
- skin turning yellow
- shortening of breath
- deep depression
- paranoia
- delusion
- memory loss
- incontinence
- loss of taste and smell
Recommended Dietary IntakesAdults, 2.4 mcg / day
Is an overdose / hypervitaminosis possible?Quite rare if at all.

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