Fact Sheet: Vitamin A

Fact Sheet forVitamin A / Retinol
Also known as / related termsRetinol, Alpha Carotene, Beta Carotene
What does it help?- Eyes, eyesight
- Healthy skin
- Ability to fight infections.
Where is it found?- Liver (animal and fish)
- Milk/Dairy
- Eggs
- Green leafy vegetables
- Orange-yellow vegetables
- Mangoes
- Carrots
- Sweet potatoes
Who is at risk of deficiency?- People with diseases such Coeliac disease, Crohn's disease and Cystic fibrosis.

- Those with diseases that affect the liver or the pancreas.

- People following a strict vegan diet.

- Alcoholics.

- Those without sufficient means to purchase a nutritive diet
Symptoms of deficiency- Increased chances of Infections, including those of the throat, chest infections, in addition to gastroenteritis.

- Delayed growth and bone development in children and teenagers.

- Infertility
- Miscarriage.
- Poor vision and eye damage
- Dry skin
- Dry hair
- Itching
TreatmentEating foods rich in Vitamin A
Is an overdose / hypervitaminosis possible?Yes, both as acute and chronic conditions

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