Barracuda – Fish of the Month

Growing up to 1.5 m in length, the pickhandle barracuda is one among those Indian fish with the highest protein content, because it a fast moving predator that feeds on other fast moving fish and squid. – Dr. Divya Karnad

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Being 20 – 25% protein, this fish will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Since it hunts in the day, rather than night like some of the other barracudas, it relies on speed rather than stealth. Consequently, it is characterised by a very low percentage of fat and fatty acids and is therefore low in Omega-3 too. Because it lives its whole life in the sea, particularly in areas with high currents and near deep-water reefs, its flesh is rich in sodium. So people with high blood pressure/hypertension should be careful not to consume too much. It is also a great source of minerals which make up 5.7% of its body weight. Additionally these minerals are available in a form that our bodies can absorb. The firm-fleshed barracuda fillets and steaks hold together well during grilling or broiling, the favourite preparation methods for this fish. It should appear off-white when cooked.

Cover photo (c) Dr. Divya Karnad.

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Since these fish are top predators they tend to concentrate heavy metals in their body, hence these fish should be consumed along with a large variety of other seafood. They are not recommended on a regular basis for young children and pregnant women.

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