Chicken Shashlik, by Kobe Sizzlers

10 November 2017: As the temperature falls and temperament changes harmoniously, the craving for hot and succulent sizzlers revs up naturally. Blamed for tempting and making people addicted to salubrious sizzlers, this winter season, Kobe Sizzlers is once again ready to pamper gourmets with scrumptiously delicious Chicken Shashlik.

A hot platter filled with grilled crispy chicken chunks along with healthy and tasty boiled vegetables served with potato fried to spoil a bit is the real fun that Kobe Sizzler has poured into the relishing hot Chicken Shashlik at its chain of restaurants in Maharashtra and South India. And, when this piping hot sizzler is proffer with rejuvenating mint tea, one feels completely lost in the heavenly taste and aroma. Also, the convivial and snug environment at Kobe Sizzlers makes Chicken Shashlik experience truly unforgettable.

While sharing about Kobe Sizzlers’ expertise, Kailash Seth, one of the partners in this 42-years old chain of restaurants said, “Though sizzlers are our identity, but we are also known for freshness in our approach, atmosphere, and customer service in 8 nations, including India, UAE, Oman, UK, Canada & USA. We feel proud when people say that we have made them addicted to our quality food and services.”

The legacy of Kobe sizzlers comes a long way from 1970’s when the very first restaurant; the only one of its kind, was inaugurated at Opera House in Mumbai. Kobe is an internationally acclaimed brand in the food & beverages industry, and it is the recipient of Gastronomic Award (“Europe 83”) by El Bar which reconfirms that it is one of the best restaurants in the world. Right from its infancy stage, ‘Kobe’ has marvelously kept the sizzlers sizzling and tongues craving for more. People believe that in conjunction with Good Food and Great Quality, Kobe is the unopposed leader in the market.