Quirky Wine Questions with Mr. Abhay Kewadkar

Even seasoned wine connoisseurs admit that they are still learning something new about wine every other day, and the depth and variety of the fruit itself leaves room for so much debate as well as speculation.

In a freewheeling chat with Mr. Abhay Kewadkar, Director & Chief Winemaker Four Seasons Wines, and a person who has been intrinsically involved in setting up several Vineyards in India from scratch, we learnt a lot about the history of modern wine in India from his journey in the Indian Wine Industry. Here is a short excerpt from our interview session:

We did a little survey on Chef At Large, to find out from our users, about any questions that they have about wine, and we got a tremendous response. In the below video, we put these questions to Abhay, who answers these in exquisite detail where applicable. Watch it and get wine-educated!

For those who would like shorter answers to these questions, here is a summary of the Q n A Session.

Quirky Wine Questions- Answered